For the Wine Connoisseur

With only a few weeks left before our restaurant’s grand opening which will host an event for the wine connoisseur, and if you not yet a wine fundi, you will be afterwards.

What we have on the cards for our opening, is a food and wine pairing event, where you and your besties can enjoy the luxury of fine foods (prepared by restaurant owner and renown chef, Kelly Lewis) paired with exquisite estate wines (where the estate wine makers will share their insight).

Now for those who are not wine fundi’s and have never experienced the art of food and wine pairing, follow these guidelines – (

Food and Wine Pairing for the wine connoisseur

5 General Guidelines when pairing food with wine (by

  1. Never serve a dish that is sweeter than the wine being served. The reason behind this is that the wine that just tasted very sweet just moments ago will now taste tart and not very appealing.
  2. Richer, fatty meats do well with wines that have more tannins (how the wine makes your mouth feel, the leathery or fur feeling). In fattier meals, the fat builds up in your mouth and the tannins in the wine help clean your mouth.
  3. Bold tasting meals should be paired with bold tasting wines. An example of this is pairing a nice red Shiraz wine with a spicy curry. Or a fresh white wine sauvignon blanc with a subtle fish dish.
  4. Don’t drink an acidic wine with a creamy sauces. For obvious reasons? It goes on the same principle as mixing lemon juice and milk, an ugly curdle is what you end up with.
  5. Don’t pair wine with a smaller side dishes, but rather with the main course instead. Finding a wine that complements something sweet in a side dish as explained in point 3, will likely ruin the taste of the main dish. A good tip mentioned in the full article is to try an avoid combining sweet and savoury dishes to optimise your wine pairing experience.

So now that you know a little bit more about the art of pairing foods and wines, we hope that you will be inspired to take up the opportunity to join us at our grand opening event.  Contact us for more details. Bookings are essential.

Learn more about food and wine paring:


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